Scots of Victoria

About the Association

In October 1999, the Victorian Scottish Union hosted a seminar for representatives from Victorian Scottish Organisations. Speakers from the ‘key’ Scottish groups were invited to present an overview of their particular organisation, including an outline of their organisation’s goals and aspirations for the future:

In November 1999, a follow-up meeting was held to consider recommendations from the seminar. Representatives discussed the following recommendations:

  • A seminar hosted by the Council of Clans, be held in 2000 to further discuss the issues raised at the inaugural seminar.
  • The 2000 Seminar agenda items to be:-
    • Scottish Reference Book/Web Site
    • An Annual Scottish Week
    • The dissemination of Scottish History/Culture – especially in schools The creation of a central coordinating organisation, perhaps with a central building which could be used by Scottish groups
    • A Scottish Calendar
    • Participation in the 2001 Centenary of Federation Program
    • The appointment of a Scottish Community Cultural worker

At the 2000 seminar, hosted by the Council of Clans, workshop discussion groups confirmed the significance of the issues flowing from the 1999 seminar. The reports also highlighted the necessity for some structure that would facilitate cooperation between the many and varied Scottish organisations. Con Alliminos, from the Victorian Multicultural Commission, pointed out the importance of recognising that the Victorian Scots are an identifiable ethnic group within our multicultural society. He also put to the seminar the great advantages in all Scottish organisations working in unity; not only as small, single-interest groups.

At a subsequent meeting held on 19th November 2000, a body called the “Scots of Victoria Coordinating Committee” was established.

The inaugural elected members of the SVCC were:-

  • Ian Murdoch (Mornington Peninsula Caledonian Society) Chairperson
  • Doug McLaughlin (Council of Clans) Deputy Chairperson
  • Lorraine Murray (Murray Clan Society) Treasurer
  • Bill Schrank (Victorian Scottish Union) Secretary
  • Graeme McIntosh (Clan Mackintosh)
  • Sue McLeod (Ringwood Highland Gathering)
  • George McNaughton (Warrnambool Caledonian Society)
  • Ian Morison (Victorian Highland Pipe Bands Association)
  • James Rattray (Royal Caledonian Society)
  • Alex Tyrrell (The Robert Burns Club of Melbourne)