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Clan Davidson Society in Australia

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Clan Davidson Society in Australia
Dr. Frank Davidson

Dennis Hill. J.P.


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Dennis Hill. J.P.
Office Bearers
  • Dennis Hill. J.P.
  • Frank Davidson
  • Geoff Davidson
  • Ross Davidson
  1. To encourage and maintain interest in the Clan on a world-wide basis
  2. To preserve and promote the history and traditions of the Clan
  3. To publish a Clan Journal
  4. To foster among Clan members the spirit of clanship.
  5. To honour the Celtic heritage of the clan
  6. To support relevant charitable purposes.
Short History:The Society grew out of strong family groups and since its foundation has attracted members from many different Davidson and Sept families.Since our foundation we have produced regular Newsletters and an annual magazine, The Davidson Journal, devoted to charting the history of the clan in Australia.We played a leading part in the restoration of our Chiefship, holding a world-wide Inauguration during the Australian Celtic Festival in 2000 for our then Chief, the late Alister “Jock” Davidson of Davidston. Our current Chief, Grant Davidson 3rd of Davidston is the only Scottish Chief to be a native New Zealander and descends directly from Duncan IV of Tulloch who was Chief during the reign of Queen Victoria.The Society was incorporated in Melbourne in 2001
MeetingsThe Annual General Meeting of the Society is held in conjunction with our Annual Gathering
  • An annual Clan Dinner is held  as part of our AGM; local functions are arranged by regional representatives.
AffiliationsCouncil of Clans
Established:1984 in N.S.W.