Scots of Victoria


Scottish Societies and Associations

Scottish Culture and Traditions are celebrated, and maintained, in Victoria by various Societies and organisations. Umbrella organisations provide a central identity for their members

Scottish Clans


A Scottish Clan is a kinship group among Scottish people which give a sense of shared identity and descent to members.

Highland Pipe Bands


Considered by many to represent Scottish heritage, the Pipes and Drums hold a special place in the Scotch community.

Highland Gathering Societies

The modern highland gathering or highland games is a day full of events and activities. The day is a mix of sporting event, music festival and something like a fete, fair and market combined.

Scottish Highland Dancing

Scottish Highland Dancing is a style of competitive dancing and includes such dances as the Highland Fling and the Sword dance. Dance classes are available across through Dance Tutors across Victoria

Scottish Country Dancing

Scottish Country dance is a form of social dancing involving groups of couples dancing to predetermined formations. Weekly Classes are held throughout Victoria

Scottish Entertainers


Scottish Fiddle music, traditional Scottish Folk Songs, contemporary Scottish Folk music, Scottish Country Dance band and Scottish Rock Group, are all part of the Victorian Scottish community.

Melbourne Tartan Festival

The Melbourne Tartan Festival is a joint initiative of the Victorian Scottish Heritage Cultural Foundation (VSHCF) and Scots of Victoria Co-ordinating Group (SVCG). The Melbourne Tartan Festival Planning Committee consists of members from the VSHCF and SVCG and members from the wide Scottish community