The Elliot Clan Society (Australasia)

Member Society Name: The Elliot Clan Society (Australasia)
ChiefName: Margaret Elliot Redheugh – Scotland
President James R. Elliot
General Secretary-Australia

James Elliot
Clan Contact Details
Office Bearers
Margaret Laurenson ? Genealogy Margaret
Kenneth Blaiklock ? ? ? Genealogy Ken
Website Elliot Clan
Australian Website Elliot Clan
  • All Eliotts, Elliots or Elliotts are automatically members of the Elliot Clan and as such have the opportunity to become members of the Elliot Clan Society
    Any person bearing the name Elliot in any of its various spellings including the spouse or descendant of such person or those whose mother or grandmother was so named is eligible to membership of the Society.
  • Members receive:?
  • Scotland, published twice a year and the Australian Newsletter three times a year.?
  • Have access to additional information through the exchange of newsletter from country to country.?
  • Have contact with other members throughout the world?
  • Access to contacts who may be able to assist with family research.?
  • Have access to a large variety of Clan merchandise, videos and publications.?
  • Receive information on Scottish and Irish related coming events throughout Australia
  1. To promote a spirit of kin and fellowship within the Clan
  2. To encourage and maintain interest in the Clan on a world-wide basis
  3. To preserve and promote the history and traditions of the Clan
  4. To collect the history and traditions of the Clan Elliot and its branches
  5. To collect genealogy for a world-wide database
  • Organized on an informal basis
  • Scots of Victoria Coordinating Group
  • Council of Clans, Australasia
  • Scottish Australian Heritage Council,N.S.W.
  • Scottish House,Sydney,N.S.W.
Established: 1977