Scots of Victoria

Clan Grant Society (Australia)

Member Society Name: State: Country: Clan Grant Society (Australia) Victoria Australia
Office Bearers
  • Convener :    Bryan Grant
  • Secretary:     Dianne Grant
  • Treasurer:    (Acting) Bryan Grant
  • Membership: Sue Hateley
  • Newsletter:    Merv Grant
  • Clan Tent / Social Events: Barry Grant
  • Committee Member: Wendy Grant
Clan Contact Details Initial contact should be directed to Sue Hateley via email at Sue
  1. To promote among members a sense of pride in the noble traditions of Clan Grant
  2. To cultivate a spirit of friendship among members and to provide a means of communication between them
  3. To facilitate the collection, preservation, and dissemination of historical, genealogical, and cultural material relating to the Clan, especially in its Australian experience
  4. To co-operate with other Clan Societies in publicising Scottish Traditions and activities.
Short History: The first Clan Grant Society was formed in Glasgow in 1890. Other branches are in Canada and U.S.A. Societies were formed in Australia and New Zealand in the early 1980’s and functioned well for a number of years. The Australian Society was re-established in Melbourne 2004 at the request of the U.K. President Robert Grant and The Right Honorable The Lord Strathspey, Grant of Grant, Chief of Clan Grant.
Meetings Members meet twice a year in Melbourne.
  • Highland Gatherings
  • and Other Scottish Gatherings
  • Victorian Scottish Union
  • Scots of Victoria Co-ordinating Group