Scots of Victoria

Clan Lindsay

Clan Lindsay

A.B.N.:                                       55 506 921 724

Country :                                    Australia

Chief :                                        Rt. Hon.  Robert  Alexander Lindsay

President :                                 Susan Cooke

Secretary :                                 Susan Cooke

Clan Contact Details :                Clan Lindsay Society of Australia

                                                        P.O.Box   787

                                                        CIVIC  SQUARE

                                                        A.C.T.   2608

Telephone :                                 0411   097   724

Vice-President :                          Chris  Lindsay

Treasurer :                                  Susan Cooke

Registrar :                                   Eric  Richardson

Editor :                                        Bill  Bostle

Piper :                                         Christina  Batey

Heraldist/Genealogist :               Chris  Lindsay

Webmaster :                               Chris  Lindsay

A.C.T.  Councillor :                     Janette  Lindsay

N.S.W.  Councillor :                    Wesley  Batey

VIC.  Councillor :                         Victoria  Presser

 AIM :

 The Clan Lindsay Society of Australia is a non-profit

 purely voluntary association that exists solely for the benefit of its members.

 The puposes of the association are :-

     1.   Revive, conserve and promote the interests, sentiments and associations  of the Clan.

     2.   Perpetuate Scottish tradition, custom, and culture in Australia.

     3.  Promote social contact among members.

     4.  Collect and preserve records and traditions relating to the history of the Clan.

The Clan Lindsay Society of Australia was founded on 19 September 2000.

We are seeking Councillors in all Australian States and Territories to assist us in promoting the Society aims.

We meet electronically to plan and co-ordinate Events