Scots of Victoria

Clan MacAlister Society Victoria

Member Society Name: Clan MacAlister Society Victoria
President Name: Email: Max Milton MacAlister Esq. Cadet of Tarbet. tramcar {at} bigpond(.)com
Secretary Name: Email: Billie MacAlister tramcar {at} bigpond(.)com
Clan Contact Details Name: Number: Street: Suburb: State: Country: Postcode: Clan MacAlister Unit 2, 24A Rattary Road Montmorency Victoria Australia 3094
  • To establish a contact site for all clanspeople of Clan MacAlister and the Septs and branches thereof.
  • To promote the wearing of the Clan Macalister tartan
  • To assist Clan members and fellow Scots with family history and genealogy, and information and topics concerning the Clan.
  • To hold Clan gatherings.
  • To promote the deeds and lives of ancestors
  • You are most welcome to join us.
Short history: Clan Macalister was set up in 1988 to honour the memory of the arrival of the first Macalister to Australia Ensign Lachlan Macalister, 48th Regiment Foot later Captain, in 1817.
Established: 1988 in Melbourne