Scots of Victoria

Macfie Clan Society of Australia

Member Society Name: Macfie Clan Society of Australia
CommissionerAddress: Suburb: State: Country: Postcode:   A.C. (Sandy) McPhee of Heatley76 Lindeman Street Heatley Queensland Australia 4814.
President Email: Mr Ian McPhee Ian
Clan Contact Details Name: P.O.Box: Suburb: State: Postcode: Phone:                                                                                                                                       Ian McPhee 237 Brookvale N.S.W. 2100 02 9938 2550
Office Bearers
  • Mr Geoff  McPhee   43 Cedar Street
  •                                       Lugarno NSW 2210                
  •                                         Treasurer
Website: Email: Clan McFie
  • To reactivate the ancient Clan of Macfie, broken and dispersed since the last Macfie Chief Malcolm’s death on Colonsay Island in 1623 and
  • to establish leadership and purpose for the Clan in today’s world.
  • Short history: The worldwide Clan Society of Macfie was recognised by the Lord Lyon of the English courts in May 1981 as an active Clan.McFie Clan has no Chief but instead is led by a Clan Commander At present the World Leader of the Clan Macfie is Clan CommanderA.C. (Sandy) McPhie of Heatley,(74 Lindeman Street) Queensland, Australia.4814
    Meetings Bi-annual
  • 2008 Toowoomba, Queensland
  • 2010 Adelaide, South Australia
  • Activities
    • Highland Games
    • Annual Church Service
    • Publish the DOWNUNDER a newsletter of sixteen pages every four months
    • Study Clan Macfie history and Immigration movements
    • Members Genealogical Studies
    • Organized on an informal basis
    • Scots of Victoria Coordinating Group
    • Council of Clans, Victoria,
    • The Macfie Clan Society
    Established: 1974 Richmond N.S.W.