Scots of Victoria

Clan Mackintosh Society Australia

Member Society Name: ABN: RN: State: Country: Clan Mackintosh Society Australia 59 708 513 851 A0027918X Victoria Australia
President Name: Keith McIntosh
Secretary Name: Email: Graeme McIntosh toshak {at}
Clan Contact Details Name: Graeme McIntosh
Office Bearers
  • Robert McIntosh…Senior Vice-President
  • Paul Mayfield…Treasurer
  • Executive Angus McIntosh Evelyn McIntosh Audrey McIntosh
Website: Email: toshak {at}
Purpose: To foster and promote Clan traditions, sentiments and interests, especially those relating to the name Mackintosh. To cultivate the spirit of kinship and fellowship among it’s members throughout Australia. To honour Scottish heritage and to acknowledge among our members and descendants, the pride and spirit of our Scottish ancestors. To render assistance to all clansmen and clanswomen where they meet with adversity
Short history: