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ClanMacMillan Society (Australia)

MemberSociety Name: State: Country: ClanMacMillan Society (Australia) Victoria Australia
President Email: Kaye O’Reilly Kaye O’Reilly
Vice-President Email: Mick McMillan Mick McMillan
Secretary Email: Myrna Robertson Myrna Robertson
Treasurer: Email: Mick McMillan Mick McMillan
Street: Suburb: State: Country: Postcode 1/56 Fairbairn Road Cranbourne Victoria Australia 3977
Other Office Bearers Kaye O’Reilly – Webmaster Mick McMillan – Editor of Newsletter
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  • Members invited to an ANNUAL PICNIC or LUNCHEON
  • Also to the CLAN TENT at the HIGHLAND GAMES visited
Aim/Purpose: To foster relations between MacMillans in Australia and to assist with genealogy where possible for members tracing their roots and to foster kinship between members of the MacMillan Clan and the various Septs. There are a number of family names that belong to the Clan and they include MacMillan, Macmillan, McMillan, McMullan, McMullen, McMullin, Millen. There are , in fact, 204 spelling variations known. Associated Sept names include Bell, Baxter, Blue,Brown, and Walker.
Shorthistory: Our Clan Chief, George MacMillan of MacMillan and Knap lives at Finlaystone,Langbank, which is 30 kilometres west of Glasgow. Clan MacMillan members visiting Scotland are welcome to visit the Clan Centre at Finlaystone. The Clan Centre employs a historian and genealogist, Graeme McKenzie, who is coordinating the work of the Clan Centre, managing the archives of the Clan, and through Project MAOL (MacMillan Ancestry On Line) he is producing a data base of Clan genealogical information. His assistant is Pauline Simpson.
    • Scottish Clans and Associations Council
    • Scots of Victoria Coordinating Group
    • The Genealogical Society of Victoria
Established: March 1983 Scotch College, Melbourne, Victoria