Scots of Victoria

Ringwood Caledonian Society

Member Society Name: RN: State: Country: Ringwood Caledonian Society A0018451N Victoria Australia
Secretary: Mrs Marilyn Kuek
Phone: 03 9870 1954
  • To keep the traditions and heritage of Scotland alive by celebrating the National Scottish Dates, in particular:
  • Saint Andrew’s Day
  • Robert Burns Birthday
Short history: The Society was founded in July 1967 at the suggestion of the then Mayor of Ringwood City Council, the late Cr. Elizabeth Penny. For the first two years monthly socials were held in the Old Town Hall and attracted over one hundred people who celebrated both Hallowe’en and the traditional Burns Supper.
Functions: All Social events are held at the Central Ringwood Community Centre, Bedford Park, Rosewarne Lane  (Via  Bedford Rd), Ringwood, VIC 3134 and begin at 8PM – unless specified otherwise. Melway Reference 49 J8 2019 Calendar Scottish Country Dance classes Every Wednesday from 6th February until 11th December Heather’s Special Social Social with Band Saturday 11th May – BOOKINGS ESSENTIAL Winter Social Saturday 3rd August Barn Dance Saturday 19th October ST Andrews Dinner Friday 29th November – BOOKINGS ESSENTIAL Christmas Social Saturday 7th December 2020 Burns Supper Wednesday 29th January 2020 – BOOKINGS ESSENTIAL 2020 Scottish Country Dance classes Resume Wednesday 5th February 2020 2020 Summer Social
Saturday 15th February 2020
  • Royal Scottish Country Dance Society
  • Scots of Victoria Co-ordinating Group
Established: 1967 Ringwood