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 President:   Graham  Stanley

Secretary:   Sue  Stanley

Contact Details:      Secretary

Website: sites.google.com/site/stonningtonscottishdancers

Telephone:  (03)  9592  9441

Email:     Sue Stanley

Teacher:      Patsy  Marks

ESTABLISHED:      1967

Purpose:     It’s all about ‘FUN’

Scottish Country Dancing was developed hundreds of years ago so Scots could have fun.

 AND  It’s still Fun !

Fun is one of the six great things about Scottish Country Dancing.

The six GREAT things are:

1.  It’s GREAT physical exercise;

2.  It’s GREAT mental stimulus;

3.  You meet GREAT people all enjoying dancing together;

4.  It’s danced to great music;

5.  It’s great value for money;     and

6.  It’s great fun.


The Group was started by Elspeth Pyper who was one of the first Royal Scottish Country Dance registered instructors in Victoria.

She continued to lead and teach at St. John’s for over forty six years, retiring in 2013.

After forty years at St. John’s, in 2015 the group has changed it’s name to Stonnington Scottish Country Dancers is now based at St James in Glen Iris.

Day and evening classes are held each week and in addition Group Socials and other events (also attended by members of other groups) are held several times throughout the year.

We welcome beginners. Basic steps and dances are taught and walked through at each class. Partners are not required.

DAY CLASS:            Monday                10:00am – 12.00pm
FIRST CLASS   February 26         LAST CLASS   December 2

EVENING CLASS:          Wednesday         8:00pm – 10.00pm
FIRST CLASS       February 24          LAST CLASS   November 30

at St. James Anglican Church,  1461 High Street, Glen Iris (Cnr Burke Road)


Monday Morning Social:       Monday 4th May

Welcome to Winter Social:  Saturday 6th June with live music

Monday Morning Social:       Monday 21st September

End of Year Social:                 Friday 4th December with live music

AFFILIATIONS:                      Royal Scottish Country Dance Society
                                                      Scots of Victoria